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Our Mission

Why this website? Many recipients of this great master's presence who have shared their experiences and the transformation that Babaji had blessed them with. Such is the grace and power of Babaji that every soul who truthfully sought his blessings had been reformed to the core.

The guidance of a 'GURU', his 'SADHANA' (path of spiritual discipline), and the miraculous incidents are an integral part of his disciples. Every breath they take describes the mystical power and magnetism of Babaji.

The website will serve as a theological source of connection between pious teachings of Babaji and people around the world for years to come.

Being an ardent devotee, people all around the world should know about immensely lovable Mentor and his divine grace. Unfortunately, nothing lives forever! We as human beings are perishable and must bid adieu to the world one day. Sadly, the revered devotees of Babaji may not be alive in the coming decades which mean there will be no one to narrate the divinity of this great personality.