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In the year 1973, the renowned Hindi magazine named 'Kadambini' had printed an interesting article about two sages from India. The article threw light upon the pious activities of the sages. It said that they spent most of their time in practising meditation. One of the sages chose Amarkantak, the king of pilgrimages as the meditation. Amarkantak region is a unique natural heritage area and the meeting point of the Vindhyas and the Satpuras, with the Maikal Hills being the fulcrum. This precisely from where the Narmada River, the Son River, and Johila River emerge. The other sage was meditating at a place behind the pious temple of Chandi Devi in Haridwar. This sage meditated consistently near an agnikunda (the sacred fire altar) and never allowed anyone to stop.

In the year 1978 Shree Devi Pal, a devotee from the city of Chandigarh read about these two sages and decided to visit them. It was the first time Pal had made his journey to meet a sage. Billu Bhai, a native of Haridwar also set out with his friends with an aim to get blessings from the sages. They reached the sacred place on a full moon day. Although Babaji was angry to see the young men inside the Raagi, he allowed them to spend the night..

This is my (Billu Bhai) story. Next morning my friends took blessings from Babaji and bid adieu. But I just couldn't leave. There was something magnetic about the place that held me strong. May be it was some invisible divine power that just wouldn't let me go.

Finally in the evening, I narrated my sad, dismal story to Babaji. The major problem of my life was being a married jobless man. And the mystical man crafted a miracle for me. Out of thin air, Babaji miraculously conceived a sum of two hundred Indian rupees.

"My Son! You would be successful in any job you undertake in life" Babaji blessed me with his divine words.

Billoo Bhai used this money to start a food stall. He decided to sell paranthas at Har-ki-Pauri. Since the investment was small, he started making paranthas on a single stove. Since miracle was bound to happen with Babaji's blessings, Billoo Bhai got a huge order for paranthas worth 150 Indian rupees. It was a massive sum during the good old days when one could have about 6 paranthas with a plateful of vegetable curry at just 1 rupee! Billoo Bhai along with his wife spent the entire day making paranthas. The couple was dead tired. However, nothing could stop Billoo from making efforts. Babaji's mystical words kept ringing in his ears. Those words of wisdom became a source of inspiration for him.

"My Son, hard work is the key to success!"

So the story started from a young married man leading a jobless life to a successful business man running popular "Billoo Bhai Paranthey Wale" shop successfully at the Har-ki-Pauri.

This beautiful place is widely renowned as "SIDDHA SHROTA". It is believed that Kaag Bhushand from the ancient era of Ramayana attained enlightenment at Siddha Shrota. Many saints in the past have meditated here. Thereafter, this place became a deserted spot for general public. No pious activities took place since the advent of Kalyuga until Babaji sprinkled life here with his regular meditation, worship, and divine undertakings.

I came to know about this place from one of my friends, Sri Vinod Somani, who is a Chartered accountants in the year 2008. He visited the place in 2003 and since then he is a regular visitor to this site. Somaniji visits this place almost fortnightly. He had narrated many incidents about Babaji's unprecedented power, divinity, and miracles.

But being a modern individual with in awe of technological advancements around, I didn't pay much heed to my friend's words. Another reason for not believing on the words of Somaniji is the rise of fake saints and sages in the country who aim for nothing but public interest and money. Hence, regardless of my annual visits to Haridwar religiously for a sanctifying bath at the Ganges, I didn't meet Babaji.

Finally, in the year 2010, I set out for a trip to Kailash Mansarovar with Mr. Somani. It was a two week trip. And as all of us know, this is known to be one of the toughest pilgrimages in India, but Somaniji just didn't care about the difficulties. Let me tell you he was around 58 years old at that time. As most individuals at this age have health troubles, my dear friend too struggled with common ailments such as high blood pressure. Performing parikrama on an empty stomach and without medicines was a great achievement in itself, when I curiously asked about the secret of his fearlessness and successful attempt, then he simply replied that, "I have been blessed by the Babaji, so I need not to worry for anything...."

I was highly impressed with Somaniji's dedication and unwavering faith towards Babaji.

"This man must be something.....!" I thought.

Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to experience the bliss of being face to face with the great personality. Once back from Kailash Mansarovar, I kept myself too busy with day to day chores. And before I could spare some time for the endearing experience, Babaji had already left for heavenly abode. It was September 2010 (As per Hindi Tithi it was Anant Chaudas), when Babaji had left the worldly abode and transcended to a supreme state.

My first visit to the place was an unforgettable experience. It was as if I had found eternal happiness. One night's stay had changed me a lot. My journey back home was strange. It made me feel as if I am travelling to an alien land.

Later on, I had talked to over 2-3 dozens of people about this place. I interviewed them about this place, the first time they visited the site, and how did they come to know about the place. They all had just one thing to say about the entire experience - a dynamic magnetic force that led them here. They confessed about a vision confounding and deeply comforting which drove them away from pressures, sorrows, and troubles of daily life.

Each individual I interviewed had to express something strange and magical that had occurred in their life after meeting Babaji. They had an enlightening experience that changed their lives for good. I'd love to narrate all of the spiritual, transcendent, and mystical experiences of those who I interviewed but this would take another thousand pages. So I had tried to brief them up to the best and recorded their names and other details.

If you are eager to experience the mysticism and dynamism associated with Babaji, please feel free to visit the Asharm.

One of the most interesting yet rare facts about Babaji is that his strong aversion towards endorsements, propaganda, and advertisements of any kind. A famous media company wanted to conduct his interview.

"No!" answered Babaji in his commanding voice.

An influential devotee of Babaji proposed a plan for building roads around the site.

"The jungle is where I belong to and want to be. I abandoned the world of roads years back. Where will I go if you bring back the roads here?" Babaji asked.

Guruji was not fond of speaking nor did he give any 'GURU-MANTRA' to any of his devotees and visitors. Most of his time was dedicated to meditation. His character and demeanour said it all. Devotees would learn a lot from his behaviour, composure, and inspiring form. The ashram follows the policy of equality and social integrity. Young and old, rich and poor, black and white, all are equal in Guruji's ashram. The site serves as a paragon of equality and humankind.

Babaji is an epitome of simplicity and unconditional love. This ashram is unique. What distinguishes it from other ashrams across the globe is the absence of donation system. You wouldn't find a single donation box here. The best part is no formal invitations are sent to devotees. It is the spiritual dynamism of this great seer that attracts people to this site.

Surprisingly, I know people who would visit the site, roam around it for some time, and go back to their native places without meeting Babaji. It is indeed the magic of this great saint that none of the dangerous species from the jungle have ever destroyed the ashram or attacked the place around it. The thick jungle is revered for its huge number of animal species such as leopards, jaguars, tigers, lions, Elephants, Snakes etc.

These animals used to wait in front of the ashram endlessly to catch a glimpse of Guruji. Many devotees have seen him speaking to these ferocious animals. He used to give them some instructions to follow.

During an interview with one of the ardent devotees of Babaji, I was acquainted with a strange incident. According to this man, Babaji was meditating as usual at night when suddenly he got up and moved out in haste.

"What happened, Babaji? Where are you going?" he asked.

"Someone is waiting for me outside" Babaji replied.

The devotee followed him. But what he saw outside was unbelievable. A snake hanging on a huge tree outside the ashram had its eyes fixed on something. It seemed as if the snake desperately waited for Babaji to come out of his divine abode and bless him.

The snake bowed its head in reverence. Babaji blessed the snake and offered some instructions. It was an incredible sight for the devotee. The snake soon made its way back to thicker part of the jungle. Incredible!

When it comes to miraculous incidents associated with this Godsend personality; simply divine and epitome of love, the above mentioned incidents are just the tip of iceberg. Devotees have a lot to say and write about this divine human form of oneness sent by the almighty for reformation of mankind.

My whole being and heart is aglow with the magnanimity, divinity, radiance, and strength that surround Babaji. I firmly believe that he is a true sage, a saint with nothing but purity in heart and unconditional love to shower on everyone around him. The very mention of Babaji's name will guide you with love and a spirit of service. Meeting him in person had always been an awakening experience for his devotees. My search ended here, right at Babaji's ashram

One of the distinct characteristics of the ashram is equality. No one is given V.I.P treatment. All of the devotees, visitors (regardless of the caste, creed, community, and class they belong to) must be seated on floor. The 'PRASAAD' is served on the floor. I have seen big personalities, business magnates, officers, Member of Parliaments, Millionaires, Farmers, and individuals from the lower middle, and upper middle class sitting together to listen to the inspiring words of Babaji.

The representatives of ashram greet visitors with "Sita Ram". These words are full of love and inspiration. Now let me come to the 'PRASAD' served at the ashram. 'Heavenly' is the term I would like to use in order to describe its taste in one word. Eating the 'PRASAD' makes us conscious and aware of the divine power that rules us on earth. It is as if we are partaking in the special grace of God.

One of my Brahmin friends and a director of revered multinational organisation in Gurgaon loves to visit Babaji's ashram. My dear friend is awestruck by the spiritual progress he experiences each time he eats the offered 'PRASAD' offered in the ashram.

"It is the devotion of makers and God's grace that subtly transforms the food into spiritual mercy or 'PRASAD'. I have visited almost all the ashrams in India and abroad. None of them serve the 'PRASAD' I have had here. This is out of the world. My visits to 5 star hotels have never been half as good as to Babaji's ashram" he says.

Babaji's ashram is spread over 1 acre and abode to over one hundred cows and bulls. Interestingly, none of these cows are milked for human use. The milk is strictly reserved for their calves.

"Selfless way of service is the only way to serve. The blessedness of giving rather than receiving is important. 'SEVA' is a service performed sans any expectation of result or reward for the person performing it. Expectations of any sort make it a business" Babaji says.

I wish people in this country realise what Babaji had said and follow him. Choosing the path of peace, righteousness, and humanity will eliminate all traces of sorrows, wars, and cruelty that exist in the present world.

This is how I would sum up the graciousness and magnanimity of a true saint - Our honourable Babaji!.

With this selfless desire, I organised a meeting with representatives of ashram a few years back. However, none of the disciples and staff members liked the idea.

"Babaji was against advertisements and propaganda" they said.

I faced a lot of hurdles during the course of making this website. There was time when I had to almost abandon the idea. Then one day, I bowed down in front of Guruji's Samadhi and expressed by selfless desire to build a website representing my love and devotion.

"O Lord, It is my humble request to help me build a website dedicated to you wherein I would depict supremacy and magnanimity of my revered Guru. I promise to write and depict only Truth and nothing else!" I prayed.

ยท My repeated prayers were finally heard and things started working the way they should. I wholeheartedly wish that the project gets accomplished successfully and the almighty allows me the luck and strength to launch the website on Babaji's fourth Death anniversary; 8th September.

- A Devotee of Baba Sita Ram!!!