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The ashram is maintained and guarded by 15-25 attendants 24x7. Devotees visit this place for Babaji's darshan every morning before starting off with their daily routine. Over hundreds of devotees visit the ashram daily to get blessings of their revered mentor.

Pious activities such as 'SUNDAR KAND PATH' , 'SHRI RAM KATHA' etc. are conducted several times in a year. Prayers and 'ARTI' (ritual of waving divas before God's image) are conducted every morning and evening.

The ashram has an 'AGNI-KUND' that is lit all-round the year. It is said that the agnikund was used by Babaji for 'TAPASYA'. The ashes of this agnikund are distributed among devotees as prasada. The representatives of this ashram organise 'bhandaras' (free food) for devotees every year.

Here is a listed of dates for bhandara Service held in a year

* Ramnavmi - April (Ninth day of Navmi)
* Navmi in Navratras - October (a day before Dussera)
* Death anniversary of Guruji (Anant Chaudas tithi of "Bhadra" month of hindi calander).
* 1st January
* Guru Poornima

It is surprising but true that the grand 'LANGAR' is attended by over 2,000 to3,000 disciples from all over the country without any formal invitation.

I would like to bring to light a nature's wonder adjacent to Guruji's Samadhi. It is a temple dedicated to the family of Lord Shiva. Interestingly, all of the idols here are formed naturally. None of these are sculpted by artisans! Another temple is situated right across the Samadhi of Babaji. It is dedicated to Goddess Durga and the courtyard of Lord Rama. An akhanda agnikund is always ablaze in the ashram.

Electricty connection is not available in this ashram. All of the appliances here are run on power produced by generator. Mobile connectivity is extinct here. Hence, I would humbly request the visitors to enjoy the stress free environment here which is nonexistence in the cities and villages they come from. Only a few lucky ones can experience the bliss of being the divine ashram situated in the middle of thick jungle circumscribed by beautiful mountains.

I was highly impressed with Somaniji's dedication and unwavering faith towards Babaji.